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General Contractor

A General Contractor is a legal entity responsible under an agreement for the performance of a full set of construction work, whose activity is regulated by the Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation.

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In IRBIS the General Contractor service implies comprehensive construction management and includes the following functions:

  • Preliminary evaluation of the cost of work, preparation of a construction budget
  • Development of a combined and interconnected work schedule
  • Arrangement of work designed for optimal selection of contractors and other participants (tenders)
  • Arrangement and management of a construction site
  • Coordination of activities of Contractors involved in facility construction
  • Construction supervision, including control over the compliance of construction materials and products used with requirements of technical regulations, design and working documentation
  • Enforcement of and control over occupational safety on the construction site
  • Enforcement of and control over the safety of construction work for the environment and people
  • Submission of a facility as a whole to an acceptance commission

Performing construction management contracts IRBIS applies the Open Book method; the contract price is formed on a cost-plus-fee basis. Provided that, costs may be reimbursed by the following methods:
1. percentage of costs;
2. fixed amount (cost+fix);
3. fixed amount plus percentage bonus for a particular result;
4. percentage of costs with the possibility of escalation depending on time spent, amount of manpower and production assets engaged.

The Open Book system is transparent from the viewpoint of pricing. It enables investors to participate in the selection of contractors, independently manage their funds and control the price formation at every work stage.

Competitive advantages of IRBIS

  • Adaptation to and integration into a Customer’s existing project management structure.

  • Vast experience in construction of facilities designed for different purposes, including work with facilities undergoing a crisis and their successful completion.

  • Our own program IRBIS-EXPERT enables us to comprehensively evaluate proposals, objectively compare qualitative and quantitative parameters and, as a result, select reliable construction partners, including suppliers of materials and equipment.

  • The Company’s existing quality management system complies with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by one of the leading international certification agencies TÜV SÜD; it ensures high quality of services we provide.

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