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Technical Customer

A Technical Customer is an essential participant of an investment and construction project, which provides a full set of construction engineering services, from project development to commissioning. A Technical Customer is not only a professional provider preparing permits and making sure all approvals are obtained. It is a partner and an expert in matters of the arrangement of construction sites, obtainment of technical specifications for connection to utility systems, financial control and so on. A Technical Customer plays a key role in the construction management process and efficient interaction with all participants thereof, coordinating activities, exercising technical supervision at all stages, controlling construction quality and periods. Technical Customer’s activities are governed by the effective Urban Planning Code of the Russian Federation.
IRBIS considers a Technical Customer as a service designed for integrated management of implementation of an investment and construction project. The service includes process organization and coordination at various stages of project implementation.

The Customer does not have its own project management office.
The Customer has no special construction knowledge and no experience of construction project implementation.
The Customer needs to strengthen its own team with additional specialists.

IRBIS provides Technical Customer's services within the following scope:

Trusting IRBIS with the Technical Customer’s functions, the Developer authorizes us to solve difficult operating tasks, reserving the possibility to participate in key management decisions. We, for our part, provide the Customer with:
a team of qualified employees specializing in different areas, having experience of successful implementation of projects and supplied with a regulatory reference database, software and other means required for efficient work;
reliable unbiased information on the progress of project implementation;
exhaustive information to make an informed management decision.

As a result, you will get a construction project successfully implemented within a planned period due to efficient construction organization and supervision.

Конкурентные преимущества компании ИРБИС


Company’s specialists may be engaged at any stage of project implementation.


Adaptation to and integration into a Customer’s existing project management structure.


Vast experience of work with facilities designed for different functional purposes.


Experience of work in different Russian regions, countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Europe.


The Company’s existing quality management system complies with international standard ISO 9001:2008 and is certified by one of the leading international certification agencies TÜV SÜD; it ensures high quality of services we provide.


Unique document management system which ensures the efficiency of Company’s work and Customer’s awareness.

Документы аккредитации
Certificate of Membership in SRO Builders of St. Petersburg
Authorization of SRO Builders of St. Petersburg
Certificate of Membership in SRO Northwestern Design Organizations
Authorization of SRO Northwestern Design Organizations
Certificate ISO 9001:2008