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Toll-free number for Russia 8 800 333 15 50
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We have been participating in the implementation of construction projects, no matter how complex, in Russia and abroad, since 1993.

IRBIS manages investment and construction projects in the field of industry, commercial, residential and public real estate.

All our employees are experts in what they do. One of the main advantages IRBIS has is the formation of a close-knit team able to overcome any difficulties.
We build our team based on the principles of partnership in relations with customers, friendliness, professionalism, readiness to promptly solve assigned tasks.

Success of our customer is success of our company and every one of our employees

Guarantee of professionalism

  • Certified under ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
  • Accredited by State Corporation Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank) to provide financial and technical audit and supervision services
  • Member of a self-regulatory organization Non-Profit Partnership Builders of St. Petersburg and Non-Profit Partnership Northwestern Design Organizations
  • Member of Non-Profit Partnership National Association of Process and Price Auditors

Employees is the main asset of the Company. This is a team of professionals and true masters of their trade. Due to their work the Company ensures best resolution of tasks assigned by Customers.
Many years of experience have proven that because of the nature of services we provide, as well as aspects of work with IRBIS, the longer our specialists work with the Company, the more effective and efficient their work.
Based on this principle, the Company has developed and keeps improving a system of continuous professional growth within IRBIS. The system is designed to create all conditions required to make sure that our best employees work with us as long and as effective as possible. We conventionally allocate every employee to one of four categories depending on his/her professional experience and motivation. We consider individual characteristics and demands of every group, balancing them with the interests and values of the Company.

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There is a uniform fair and transparent remuneration system for all groups of employees, as well as our own motivation programs taking into account special characteristics of every category of Company’s specialist.
We have an external and in-house training system designed for successful and efficient development of employees, new training programs are being developed.
The Company welcomes employees who are willing to grow, and sees the training system as a way to improve the quality of work of our specialists, ensure their professional and personal growth.
Improvement of the work quality is one of the primary joint tasks of specialists and executives. We are working on that by involving our staff in the development and improvement of the quality management system. We also have our own team of certified internal auditors.
We maintain a positive atmosphere inside the Company, observe and develop our corporate culture bringing new productive ideas.

Customer Reviews

Under the contract number 609/23 / 032-260 / 2011, the organization JSC "Construction Company" IRBIS "work performed (function) for financial and technical control of the plant under construction for the production of chlorine and caustic potash by membrane electrolysis, located at Berezniki , Perm region, Churtanskoe highway, 3.
JSC "Construction Company" IRBIS "in accordance with the above shall render services - implementation of financial and technical control over the conduct of work on the project.
In the course of their duty to control registration required executive documentation, monitors the quality, volume and timing of construction and installation work, compliance with building technology processes and their prioritization, as well as compliance of works agreed projects.
During the work of JSC "Construction Company" IRBIS "has established itself as a highly skilled organization professionally lead the construction process, able to timely address the various arising during the construction of the technical issues. Specialists representing company JSC" Construction Company "IRBIS" have proved to be competent and knowledgeable specialists in different fields of construction.
LLC "Soda-Chlorate" may recommend to the Joint-Stock Company "Construction Company" IRBIS "to carry out similar work to interested customers.
А.Р. Григорчук

Технический директор
ООО "Сода-Хлорат"


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